There is a vast amount of knowledge on the behavior of horses, Equus (ferus) caballus, however, much of this information is often scattered in different journals, books, websites, and field workers notes.The Equus Ethogram Project [EEP], attempts to amass the wealth of information on equid behavior, into an online database.

Our site is an online ethogram, it is a structured inventory of equid species typical behaviors, mainly Equus (ferus) caballus. In this inventory, the activities that occupy the daily lives and seasonal behavioral patterns of horses, are broken down into descrete behavioral units for ease of classification and future reference.

In the [EEP], behavior patterns are grouped under 6 main behavioral categories; Maintenance, Investigative, Play, Reproductive, Locomotive and Social.

Below are some posts that may help you familiarize yourself with our site:

What is an Ethogram?

Using the Ethogram

Etho-code alphabetical index


This site is a dynamic and ongoing project, and the information provided is periodically revised and edited.

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